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GROW has developed an exclusive and innovative training program aimed at solving the persistent workforce issues facing women, particularly immigrants and Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour (BIWoC) in Canada. The Canadian Career Plus Program (CC+P™️) is a leadership career training program designed for women in the workforce looking to start another career path or develop their skills.

Supported by local training institutions, mentors, experts, and various industry partners, it is geared towards re-training, re-tooling, and upskilling women into different career paths in the workforce.

Training is done via five CC+P™️ development streams:

  • Immigrant Women Career Development
  • Professional Step-Up
  • Business
  • Civic Engagement Careers
  • Industry Specific Training

(CC+P™️) Immigrant Women Career Development

CC+P for immigrant women at GROW is meant to help newcomer, immigrant and International trained professional women leaders adjust to the Canadian workforce.

  • Training
  • Screening
  • Preparing

(CC+P™️) Professional Step-Up

The focus is supporting women to move into leadership roles in their professional lives that are personally and professionally satisfying in the Canadian workforce

  • Managerial
  • Administrative
  • Executive

(CC+P™️) Business

For the individual in this program, it will speak to all phases of starting your own business and entrepreneurial skills.

  • Start Up
  • Come Up
  • Blow Up

(CC+P™️) Civic Engagement Careers

This stream trains and coaches women in up-starting civic leadership

  • Leaders in nonprofits or charities
  • Community associations
  • Civil service
  • Politics

(CC+P™️) Industry-Specific Training

​Individuals in our CC+P have the option to spend an additional 4 weeks in our industry-specific training stream to gain further skills in a specific industry.

  • Large hotels
  • Restaurant chains
  • Recreation
  • Resorts
  • Airports and more
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At GROW we host innovative Masterclasses that feature leaders from various businesses and organizations to share their experiences to encourage and inspire those looking to become entrepreneurs and professionals in the hospitality industry.

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