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GROW has pioneered an exclusive and innovative training program that addresses persistent workforce challenges faced by women, particularly immigrants and individuals from Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour (BIWoC) communities in Canada. The Canadian Career Plus Program (CC+P™️) is a dynamic leadership career training initiative tailored for women already in the workforce, seeking to embark on new career paths or enhance their existing skills.

In collaboration with local training institutions, mentors, industry experts, and esteemed partners, this program is dedicated to re-skilling, re-tooling, and upskilling women, enabling them to pursue diverse career opportunities within the workforce.

The CC+P™️ training is done via five CC+P™️ development streams:

  • Immigrant Women Career Development
  • Professional Step-Up
  • Business
  • Civic Engagement Careers
  • Industry Specific Training

(CC+P™️) Immigrant Women Career Development

The CC+P program at GROW is a targeted initiative aimed at empowering immigrant women, including those with international training and professional expertise, to secure meaningful employment and achieve career advancement into and within the Canadian workforce. In close partnership with our esteemed collaborators, we strive to foster inclusive hiring practices that create diverse and thriving workplaces

  • Screening
  • Preparing (vetting)
  • Training

(CC+P™️) Business

This program trains candidates to unleash their skills for profit and thrive as self-employed entrepreneurs. Through this program, our candidates gain practical tools, business acumen, and confidence to maximize their earning potential as they unlock their potentials and embrace the entrepreneurial aspects of their talents and skills. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire entrepreneurial journey, enabling them to effectively launch and manage their own ventures.

  • Start Up
  • Come Up
  • Blow Up

(CC+P™️) Open Course for Careers

The CC+P™️) Open Course is geared towards the general public where individuals from all career backgrounds can get trained on individual/customized courses to enhance their Resumé and meet up with industry trends. Candidates who are looking to get certified on specific skills tailored to their career industries should sign up for the Open Course.

(CC+P™️) Micro Events Series

GROW organizes a series of cutting-edge micro-events that showcase accomplished leaders from diverse businesses and organizations. These events serve as a platform for sharing their experiences, with the aim of motivating and inspiring individuals aspiring to become entrepreneurs and professionals in the vibrant industry. The GROW Foundation's Micro Event Series promotes gender parity, workforce diversity, and leadership. It fosters inclusive hiring practices and equity in the workforce for immigrants and BIWoC (Black, Indigenous, Women of Color). Facilitating inclusive hiring by connecting employers with skilled professional women through events, meetups, summits, and a digital talent platform.

(CC+P™️) Professional Step-Up

Our primary focus is to empower women in the Canadian workforce by facilitating their transition into leadership roles that offer both personal and professional satisfaction.

  • Managerial
  • Administrative
  • Executive

(CC+P™️) Civic Engagement Careers

This stream trains and coaches women in up-starting civic leadership

  • Leaders in nonprofits or charities
  • Community associations
  • Civil service
  • Politics

(CC+P™️) Industry-Specific Training

The Canadian Career Plus Program (CC+P): Industry-Specific Training Course is a comprehensive training program designed to empower individuals facing barriers with the essential skills needed to secure, enter, and thrive in employment within their chosen fields and beyond. This program welcomes individuals seeking career advancement and dedicated career support while working in their chosen fields. It is particularly beneficial for immigrants, newcomers, refugees, as well as Canadian citizens who possess little or no experience in their chosen fields, as well as minimal to no prior work experience in Canada. Participants, regardless of their skill levels, will have the opportunity to enhance their foundational and transferable skills.

Throughout this 8-16 week program, participants will:

  • Receive ongoing support during and after the program.
  • Enhance social-emotional skills, including collaboration, communication, problem-solving, adaptability, creativity, and innovation.
  • Develop digital skills relevant to the modern job market.
  • Improve language proficiency in English, particularly for daily workplace interactions.
  • Build confidence and competence for successful job placement and career advancement.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the Hospitality industry.
  • Hospitality
  • Tech
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Service industry and more

Participants in this program also have the opportunity to extend their training by an additional four months, focusing on industry-specific streams. This specialized training stream provides participants with valuable experience, enabling them to further develop their skills within a specific sector.

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At GROW we host innovative Masterclasses that feature leaders from various businesses and organizations to share their experiences to encourage and inspire those looking to become entrepreneurs and professionals in the hospitality industry.

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