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Canadian Career Plus Program

GROW has pioneered an exclusive and innovative training program that addresses persistent workforce challenges faced by women, particularly immigrants and individuals from Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour (BIWoC) communities in Canada. The Canadian Career Plus Program (CC+P™️) is a dynamic leadership career training initiative tailored for women already in the workforce, seeking to embark on new career paths or enhance their existing skills. This 6-8 weeks Built on individual project-based learning program is dedicated to re-skilling, re-tooling, and up-skilling women, enabling them to pursue diverse career opportunities within the field of choice in the workforce.

In collaboration with local training institutions, mentors, industry experts, and esteemed partners, this program is dedicated to re-skilling, re-tooling, and upskilling women, enabling them to pursue diverse career opportunities within the workforce.

The CC+P™️ training is done via five CC+P™️ development streams:

Additionally, participants undergo over 65 hours of self study work in GROW Women Leaders's core curriculum, covering topics such as Canadian Work Culture, Technology Literacy, Confident Communication, Business Finance Literacy, Equity and Leadership, Cultural Competency, Professional Portfolio with Career Planning & Skill Mapping, and more. Industry-Specific Training may require further career advancement pathways into other institutions for some participants.

Nurture meals from around the world program

The Nurture meals from around the world program, is a transitional employment program designed to serve women, especially immigrants and BIWoC (Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color), who have struggled to obtain and maintain employment. Participants work as production assistants in our cafe and food manufacturing business, receiving full/part time employment and wrap-around support for 4-6 months.

Through a combination of on-the-job training, life skills classes, career services, and case management, we help women develop stability, crucial skills, and set goals for their future. Our ultimate aim is to help women start on the path toward self-sufficiency and address the barriers they have faced in employment, empowering them to build better lives for themselves and their communities.

Our Core Classes

While at Nurture Meals from Around the World Program, every woman takes part in over 60 hours of classroom work taking part in our core curriculum. The core curriculum of courses consists of:

  • Suits Yourself
  • Financial Literacy
  • Computer Literacy
  • Ongoing Therapeutic Workshops

Additional Programming

In addition to our core curriculum of classes, we offer a breadth of courses that is available to women throughout their time at GROW Women Leaders. These are courses that are dependent on availability and resources on our GROW Women Leaders online training platform. The additional program offerings include:

  • Personal Branding
  • Consumer Service Basics
  • Job Market Research
  • Kitchen Skill Training
  • Women's Empowerment Workshop

Career Mapping Session & Job Hunting Strategies

Every woman in our program receives over 10 hours of services, assistance and training. Our services include:

  • Develop Professional Portfolio with:
    • Career Planning
    • Career Assessment
    • Skill Mapping
  • Cover Letter, Resume Development and Support
  • Letter of Explanation Workshop and Development
  • Mock Interviews

Wrap-Around Care

Our programs aims to offer comprehensive support to women, addressing their needs both during work and in their personal lives. We evaluate essential requirements like housing, childcare, transportation, and health, and facilitate connections to external service providers when necessary. Our effective case management enables us to provide this wrap-around care.

Case Management

At GROW Women Leaders, we collaborate with specialized experts, such as Master of Social Work (MSW) students from various regions in Canada to support each woman we employ and those we are preparing to get hired. Our dedicated case management team offers personalized guidance and coaching to address the unique needs of every woman, ranging from securing housing and childcare to accessing health services and pursuing personal and additional career goals. By tailoring our approach to meet each individual's needs, we ensure the relevance and effectiveness of our programs for every participant.

Throughout their time in the programs, every woman engages in weekly meetings with their assigned case manager. These sessions provide a platform for discussing needs, setting and reviewing goals, and addressing any ongoing challenges or developments in their lives.

The case management team serves as the cornerstone of our program, playing a pivotal role in the success of the women we support. If you are interested in pursuing a field placement for your MSW at GROW Women Leaders, please reach out to

[email protected]

with the subject line “MSW Internship Inquiry”.

Program Volunteers

GROW Women Leaders ability to deliver services and manufacture our products hinges on the dedication of staff, program participants and volunteers who generously contribute their time and skills to empower women in their journey towards personal transformation. Specifically, we depend on teams to deliver essential job hunting coaching and assistance. We offer seven distinct avenues for individuals to volunteer with our programs, each role carrying unique responsibilities and time commitments, yet all providing meaningful connections to our mission.

The following roles present volunteer opportunities:

  • People's Culture Coordinator

    The People Culture Coordinator facilitates the matching process between employers and women in our database who are alumni of our program. As a volunteer in this role, you'll receive training to confidently facilitate this process. This position is the most time-intensive but offers a high level of interaction, allowing for relationship-building and personalized job matching between coaches and program participants.

  • Administrative Assistant

    The administrative assistant at Grow Women Leaders is responsible for managing program enrollment, coordinating schedules for training and workshops, handling communication with participants and volunteers, and providing overall support to ensure the efficient operation of the program.

  • Community Outreach Assistant

    As an assistant to our Community Outreach Manager, your role will involve connecting employers with our GROW program and facilitating marketing efforts. You'll also assist in matching women from our database and program alumni with suitable employment opportunities. We'll provide training to ensure you feel confident in carrying out these tasks. Volunteering as an Employer and Community Outreach Coordinator is a high-touch role within our program, focusing on building relationships and providing personalized job matching services between coaches and program participants.

  • Career Coach

    Career coaches facilitate the job search process with at least two women per year, Coaches will meet weekly with women currently in our program for a 3-month period to create a successful pathway to getting a job after graduation. We will train you in facilitating the kit, so you will be confident in the role!

    Volunteering as a Career Coach is the most time intensive, but high touch role of our program volunteer opportunities. It allows for relationship-building and personalized coaching between each coach and a woman in our program.

  • “Job Hunting in Today's World” Workshops Facilitator

    In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, job searching requires a unique set of skills. As part of our comprehensive career services, we conduct workshops aimed at equipping women with the tools they need to effectively navigate online job boards, manage email communications, and utilize software for resume and cover letter creation.

    As a volunteer workshop facilitator, you'll lead sessions using a pre-set curriculum. However, you'll have the flexibility to tailor and update the material to ensure its relevance and effectiveness. We offer this workshop four times a year, providing multiple opportunities to make a meaningful impact on the lives of women seeking employment. Join us in empowering women to succeed in today's competitive job market!

  • Computer Lab Volunteer

    As women transition to the job search phase of our program, they gain access to our computer lab. Here, they utilize computers for tasks such as job searching, application completion, resume and cover letter editing, and other online requirements essential for securing employment. Our computer lab volunteers commit to one or more two-hour shifts per week or bi-weekly to oversee the lab and provide assistance to job seekers as needed.

    Our computer lab volunteers possess strong proficiency in Google Suite, Microsoft Office, and various online job search platforms. While this volunteer opportunity demands minimal time, it plays a vital role in supporting women during their job search journey and is integral to their success.

  • Past Alumni Group Coordinator

    Upon completing our program, a woman transitions into our Alumni Group, where she gains access to ongoing support and opportunities for relationship building. The volunteer alumni group coordinator collaborates with other coordinators to maintain an updated contact list, organize Alumni Group events, and communicate pertinent information to members.

Discover more about our program and consider becoming a volunteer to make a difference today!

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