Who we are

We are a future-oriented organization investing in economic development, social impact, women empowerment, equality, and sustainability. As a leadership career development and advancement platform, we are on a mission to “Build Women Leadership in the workforce” through training, job matching and support services.

Who we are

Our Vision

Creating a worldwide movement that empowers and advances local marginalized women’s cultural, economic, social and civic engagements. ​

Our Mission

‘‘Building Women Leadership’’

Providing a platform to empower women especially immigrants through their development and advancement, therefore, creating decent work and sustainable economic growth to reduce inequality while growing forward in leadership.


Our Principles

We SEED (Support, Encourage, Empower and Develop) aspiring women leaders, one woman at a time by giving them a platform where they can grow forward”.



We support women to rise to higher heights in every aspect of life by implementing practical efforts such as training, connections and space for leadership career advancement.



We empower women so they can gain the self-confidence they require to contribute to their community and the advancement of their career ventures. We facilitate this through professional coaching, consulting, training, networking, and publishing.



We encourage women to live full, confident, and bold lives while making a positive leadership impact within their communities and the world as a whole. We facilitate this by providing well-curated programs, as well as creating and nurturing healthy professional networks of valuable connections.



We develop women so they recognize their potential to close gaps of inequality. We facilitate this through personal, employment, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement development and advancement.

Our Story

GROW Women Leaders

An estimated 30% of highly qualified visible minority women are less likely to get a job matched with education, while 21% experiences discrimination. This appalling statistic is part of what launched our initiative and prompted further research into the inequalities that exist through projects such as Project 150.


Project 150:

Untold Stories of Immigrants also known as Project 150 included extensive interviews and a collection of stories from more than 200 women across Canada. These women overcame many adversities to become successful immigrant women in Canada. Their stories were used to inspire thousands of other women across the country through the following activities:

* Speak Out Women Series

* Award Night of Accomplished Immigrant Women in Canada: a yearly event with speakers and awards given to outstanding women in various areas and vocations

* Book Publishing: The publishing of Project 150: Untold Stories Of Immigrant Women in Canada: Challenges, Successes & Accomplishments.

It was during the course of Project 150 and through the research that I realized that there were similar gaps and barriers women were facing that needed a solution. Women, especially immigrant and BIWoC women needed guidance, connections, and support on how to move forwards with their careers, and

a way to break through some of the systemic barriers they were facing. Through my own experiences as an immigrant woman, and those gathered during Project 150, I believe that the best way to bridge the gap of inequalities is a well-calculated measure of helping women get hired and advance their career, while creating opportunities for companies and professionals to grow and thrive.

Women, especially immigrants and minorities, get support in connecting with employers looking to diversify their workplace. We are building a database of diverse, educated, and talented professionals to match with companies looking to diversify and drive business growth.

Join our movement to be part of our story to build a better workplace for all!

Hire well and hire better.

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