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GROW Women Leaders has been at the forefront of empowering women, especially those from immigrant and minority backgrounds, to secure employment and advance in their careers. In late 2016, we established our non-profit arm, Gradual Rising of Women (GROW Foundation), along with our inaugural initiative, Project150. Today, our GROW Foundation offers a comprehensive training certification programs and micro-credential courses to address the unique workforce challenges faced by women, with a focus on immigrants and individuals from Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour (BIWoC) communities.

In partnership with local training institutions, industry experts, and esteemed collaborators, our programs is committed to re-skilling, re-tooling, and upskilling women for diverse career opportunities. While our transitional employment program, held at the GROW Space, requires in-person participation, most of our offerings are flexible to accommodate your busy schedule. GROW Foundation also organizes community events and offers professional support to enhance your resume, LinkedIn profile, and interview preparation. We connect participants with peer mentors in relevant fields to enrich their learning experience. Upon completing the training, our team provides job search assistance and introduces you to expansive network of companies that recognize and value your skills, experience, and aspirations—all at no cost to you.

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The GROW Foundation is more than just training programs. We’re a nonprofit, offering a nurturing community and tailored support that truly understands and caters to her needs.

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At GROW Women Leaders, we understand the challenges of securing employment, especially for women balancing multiple responsibilities. We proudly offer the Canadian Career Plus Program (CC+P) alongside our food manufacturing and café business; Nurture Meals From Around the World Program. Our mission is to help women, especially immigrants and BIWOC, get hired and advance their careers. If you're 21 or older already in the workforce, seeking to embark on new career paths or enhance your existing skills, we invite you to join our programs.

With GROW Foundation, you'll benefit from heavily subsidized training tailored to fit busy schedules, including resume optimization, LinkedIn profile enhancement, and interview preparation. We also offer networking opportunities with industry experts. Upon completion, we provide job search assistance and connections to companies that value your skills and experience. Our support extends to childcare, housing, transportation, and more.

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GROW Foundation Success Stories


CC+P: Professional Step-Up/ GROW Foundation Grad

"Before joining GROW Foundation’s CC+P™️, I, Aisha, an immigrant with a finance background, struggled in Canada's workforce. The program's focus on inclusive hiring and skill development transformed my career. Now, I hold a managerial role in a financial firm, leading a diverse team and making impactful decisions."


CC+P: Business Stream/ GROW Foundation Grad

"I'm Priya, a former CC+P participant with a dream of starting my own catering service. Business challenges initially deterred me, but thanks to GROW Foundation's CC+P™️ Business stream, I gained the tools and confidence to launch my company. Now, I'm maximizing my earnings and enjoying showcasing my unique ethnic dishes and culinary skills."


CC+P: Professional Step-Up/ GROW Foundation Grad

"I'm Maya, a 2020 graduate of GROW Foundation’s CC+P™️ program. Armed with newfound skills and confidence, I joined GROW Women Leaders' talent platform afterwards. Within weeks, I was matched with an opportunity at a startup tech company where I still thrive in my role today, grateful for GROW's support and the opportunities they've provided."



"When I joined the Nurture Meals program as a Somali immigrant, I was uncertain about my future. Through the program, I worked as a production assistant and completed courses in Financial and Computer Literacy. With GROW Women Leaders' support, I secured a stable job, developed essential skills, and now stand proud as a self-sufficient woman, empowered to build a better life for myself and my community."

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It's been another fulfilling year for the GROW Foundation, and we're eager to highlight our achievements as we celebrate our eighth year!

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We actively seek partnerships with organizations and companies that share our values and mission.

Let's work together to develop a tailored strategy through GROW, focusing on fostering the most favorable workplace for women, particularly minorities. Request reports, metrics, and data insights as we explore how we can create a meaningful impact together. Let's explore the ways we can create a meaningful impact together. Additionally, support our cause by sponsoring through the donation link provided below.

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